About Radiant Culture

We are a voice that speaks into, confronts and shapes modern day culture. We do this through our digital platforms (websites and apps) as well as live events.

Our mission is to shine the light of Christ on pop culture through sparking conversations about life, God and culture. We speak to culture, in the language of culture i.e. media, entertainment and art. We are ignited by the gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to become radiant within culture, igniting others through the way we live and the message we share.

We believe that the Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of mankind, which is why we are passionate about sharing it, to save our generation. We are after empowering the modern day Christian to make an impact in the community they live in. Equally as important, we want to provide answers to questions about faith, God and religion to those seeking them and how these apply to modern day life.

Radiant Culture isĀ  media and entertainment brand owned by and operated by Kay Media (Private) Limited.