From your family DNA coding to the silly quirks that spell out your name wherever you go there’s just something about YOU. Even the power of life and death are in your tongue while you are holy equipped to trample serpents underfoot. I’m not talking about some typa-way kind of You whose image is perfect on social media, or You the situation-made super hero after making it past the Spike-Lee cops, bank queues and random price hikes on groceries.

I’m talking about the You who makes awkward jokes that no one laughs at sometimes, still looses balance and falls over, tries a little too hard to fit in with the “Haves” even though you’re a have-not and every once in a while the You who just does the most embarrassing things that you and everyone else assumes is totally above your thinking capacity till it gets you. You are priceless in the things we place value on as man, even at your worst, not a single ounce of any precious metal is worth your life and not a single opinion about you can make you any less of a deliberate creation.

There’s a reason you were blessed with the life to wake up this morning even if you don’t yet know it. You may have cried yourself to sleep, your husband may have gone street fighter on you again last night and your Bae might be checking out other Bae’s while you’re engaged but the essence of You is still valuable. Your worth is not determined by how other people treat you, your worth is determined by how you look at and feel about yourself. If you’re not sure about your eyes then seek God’s eyes they are clear and honest with loving desire to spend time with you. Other people are going to hurt you whether they mean to or not and you can’t use that as a yard stick to measure your worth.

Personally it’s only now that I look at life from the perspective that I’m not always going to be here and every day that goes by is another step bringing me closer to eternal home (Heaven). It’s not that I’m anxious to go but more anxious to go without fulfilling my purpose while I’m here. What if the day of my home coming arrived and it was literally in the next five minutes. What could I raise my hand and say confidently that I did? I as in the person God created with the talents and Shazness He specifically gave to me.

Somehow I don’t think it would be a pleasant conversation to say “I’m sorry God but I just didn’t have enough faith in myself to start that fashion line because I’ve always been afraid that I won’t amount to anything. I just couldn’t sing because everyone knows that doesn’t pay in Zim what would I have lived on? Besides I didn’t have anything cool to say in song. How did you expect me to write that book when so many other books have been written by so many other better authors than I?”

The Creator in His usual calm voice might reply “I never made you for “them”, it was my word that should have been your guiding light and it was my spirit within you that was meant to give you strength and comfort you in your lowest moments. I had a good plan for you but I could never get through to you. I was there at your last-seen on whatsapp and I was there when you blue ticked me and didn’t respond even when you came back online.”

Just so we’re clear I’m not claiming to have had this conversation with God but I’m allowing my imaginative mind to picture the scenario where I would try to give excuses to the one who excused me from certain death. I’m just openly wondering how well I could hide in plain sight trying desperately to cover my screaming nakedness to the one who has seen ALL since day one. I’m just gonna leave that there to marinate in your mind for a bit.

There’s too much emphasis on the wrong things these days

There’s too much pressure to be socially acceptable by the world’s standards of trending popular culture. It’s cool to be a cool cat but that kind of orange doesn’t cut it as the new black. Orange is orange and black is black trendy or not so is right and wrong, we can’t legitimise stuff just because it implicates us if we call it out as wrong. I’m totally against this culture of sheepifying people, this constant insisting that we should be more like this or that A-list celebrity living vicariously through their reality series, eating their diet and running our relationships like they do while capitalising big moni so that we can give off the illusion of happiness.

There’s a reason why those people are drugged up ready to give up on life and part of that reason is found in trying to be something they’re not. Can you imagine living up to an image created by your fans and having to keep up with that kardashian (image)? The thing is it’s unsustainable and would bring you to your knees faster than a new hip-hop dance gone viral.

What is so wrong with being YOU?

Seriously…think about it..and we’ll pick this up next week.


Sharon Rateiwa is a lover of art with a natural flair for the artistic.  When she isn’t sharing inspirational pieces with the world, she designs and performs as a singer and poet.  Sharon believes that we of God’s generation have a mandate to take up Godly arms in the fight for a meaningful existence.  She gives encouragement by sharing her own colourful encounters.
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