Accomplished Zimbabwean artist ‘Tembalami’ has dropped another banger! This time collaborating with Evelyn Wanjiru (from Kenya) on a song called Sawa. Both are well recognized gospel artists in their respective countries and beyond, so nothing short of amazing was to be expected from their collaboration.

Sawa, for those who may wonder what it means like I did, is the Swahili word for Alright. The key theme of the song is that, with Jesus everything is alright. It’s a message that most of us need a regular reminder, especially with the challenges that most people across the continent are facing both on a personal and societal level.

In the song the two artists remind us of Jesus` lesson about how we shouldn’t worry about our lives what we should eat or drink because if God can take care of the birds that don’t plant any food, he can surely take of those that put their trust in Him because they are more important in His eye than the sparrows. Tembalami emphasizes this as well when he comes in with his excellent vocals. This is a hope message that will encourage anyone to dance and enjoy life.

The music itself was well produced. It has that feel good African vibe, with some rhumba elements, and the energy is so infectious it will have you dancing and singing along to the ‘heavy’ tune. If you love dancing this is your jam right here. Go ahead and check out the video of the song using the link below.

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